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What if machines could see a three-dimensional world in motion?

We develop technology capable of capturing velocity and three dimensional information.

With more clarity than ever thought possible?

Our single chip optoelectronic platform redefines 3D imaging performance.

What if autonomous mobility and augmented reality could be ubiquitous?

Platform enables short and long range applications from augmented reality to autonomous mobility.

What if they already do?

Coherent 4D imaging technology for uncompromising performance


Started in 2017 in San Francisco, the company has developed the first integrated 4D imaging sensor based on a Coherent Focal Plane Array architecture. From the first results, published in early 2021 in the journal Nature, the technology has seen a rapid increase in interest from a wide range of partners and applications, covering automotive, robotics and augmented reality/consumer. In early 2022, Pointcloud started the next chapter in the development of the company, with the opening of the R&D offices in Zurich, Switzerland. The team in Zurich, together with the teams in Southampton, UK and San Francisco, will develop the next generation sensors.

The Coherent Focal Plane Array architecture combines the performance of coherent ranging with the scalability of array technology to create a cost efficient, high performance, solid-state 3D imaging + radial velocity sensor. Our technology was developed with high volume manufacturing in mind, leveraging high volume semiconductor and packaging processes from our partners.


Pointcloud’s Surnia platform provides high-density point clouds as high as 640x480 points per frame, industry-leading sub-millimeter depth accuracy that is independent of distance to target, immunity against direct sunlight and extreme lighting conditions, and high dynamic range. The system can be configured to provide both 3D point clouds as well as radial velocity and reflectivity data for each point.

Pointcloud of a chair at 40m with mm accuracy



We are a multidisciplinary team comprising software, hardware, signal processing and optoelectronics engineers tackling a problem with wide impact across multiple fields.

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Baidu Ventures
ANSYS Startup Program
University of Southampton


San Francisco, US

Southampton, UK

Zurich, Switzerland